Osram, Rinspeed to Debut Modular Electric Vehicle at CES 2020

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2020 — Osram Opto Semiconductors Inc., a global high-tech lighting company, announced it is the exclusive lighting supplier for Rinspeed’s concept vehicle, MetroSnap, debuting at CES 2020. This is the fourth consecutive year that Osram has supported the Rinspeed concept vehicle with automotive lighting and sensing applications. The new Rinspeed concept vehicle will be unveiled for the first time in Osram’s CES booth 8516 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

MetroSnap is a concept passenger vehicle featuring a skateboard-style base with a chassis that moves under different pods. Sarah Carlson, Osram’s senior manager of communications, explained that the possibilities for the modular pods are endless, and that they could be outfitted to fit the needs of the passengers.

“You could have a passenger vehicle that is delivered to the park, you wait there, and the skateboard goes back and picks up an ice cream truck pod and brings it to you,” Carlson said.

Interior model of MetroSnap. Courtesy of Rindspeed.

Interior model of MetroSnap. Courtesy of Rinspeed.

Model of MetroSnap’s modular design. Courtesy of Rinspeed.

Model of MetroSnap’s modular design. Courtesy of Rinspeed.

MetroSnap features Osram components for lighting and sensing applications in and around the vehicle that provide solutions within the categories of mobility, safety and security, connection, and health and well-being. Osram believes these technologies will be critical in creating an autonomous world by using dynamic and human-centric lighting, as well as biomonitoring and biometric applications enabled by infrared light sources.

On the exterior of the MetroSnap, Osram has applied new technologies to both the exterior and interior of the MetroSnap.

“With the advent of autonomous driving, the interiors of vehicles will be more than simply a cabin, they will be true living spaces in which we will work, play, and relax.”
The Eviyos will feature thousands of individually addressable pixels that project vital information and warning symbols on the road for passengers and pedestrians.

Lidar will be added to help orient MetroSnap on the road using infrared laser pulses. Once a light pulse hits an object, it is registered by a sensor and the vehicle calculates the distance from the light to the object, and then initiates appropriate actions such as braking.

Intelligent display systems on the front and back of the vehicle and its windows will provide visual communications to other drivers. In addition, Osram says its LED license plates serve as “supporting human-machine-interfaces,” providing possibilities for individualized driving experiences.

On the interior of the MetroSnap, drivers will have access to 3D facial recognition and palm recognition systems as well as intelligent ambient lighting and human-centric lighting. The company says its intelligent lighting will adapt to suit passenger moods, adjusting brightness and color temperature based on preferences. In addition, the company says that special reading lights will ensure “dynamic and optimum illumination of the vehicle’s reading area.”

Osram will also implement an in-cabin monitoring system using a vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) to scan the cabin for forgotten objects and notify passengers if something is left behind.

“With the advent of autonomous driving, the interiors of vehicles will be more than simply a cabin, they will be true living spaces in which we will work, play, and relax,” Osram said.

Published: January 2020
Lidar, short for light detection and ranging, is a remote sensing technology that uses laser light to measure distances and generate precise, three-dimensional information about the shape and characteristics of objects and surfaces. Lidar systems typically consist of a laser scanner, a GPS receiver, and an inertial measurement unit (IMU), all integrated into a single system. Here is how lidar works: Laser emission: A laser emits laser pulses, often in the form of rapid and repetitive laser...
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