Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Relocating

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BRISTOL, England, Feb. 11, 2021 — Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology is moving to a new manufacturing facility in Bristol, England. The company is a provider of advanced wafer-processing solutions for the semiconductor industry.

The new facility will allow the company to remain headquartered in Bristol. It will include ISO Class 5 and 6 application laboratories spanning 10,764 sq ft (1000 sq m) and be equipped with a complete suite of state-of-the-art wafer-processing solutions and advanced characterization/metrology technologies.

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology said its relocation is driven by the growing demand from customers, which include semiconductor device manufacturers and materials research institutions. The company said it expects to welcome customers and partners to the facility in the summer of 2022.

Published: February 2021
A gas made up of electrons and ions.
Plasmonics is a field of science and technology that focuses on the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and free electrons in a metal or semiconductor at the nanoscale. Specifically, plasmonics deals with the collective oscillations of these free electrons, known as surface plasmons, which can confine and manipulate light on the nanometer scale. Surface plasmons are formed when incident photons couple with the conduction electrons at the interface between a metal or semiconductor...
An area in which airborne particulates can be monitored and controlled so that given size particles do not exceed a specified concentration, thereby eliminating potential dysfunctions in gyroscopes, ball bearings and other materials and lubricants.
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