Pentagon Adopts FLIR EST Screening System to Stop Spread of COVID-19

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ARLINGTON, Va., June 4, 2020 — FLIR has announced that it has installed its EST screening system at the Pentagon Visitor Center. The company's integrated EST screening system, the A700 EST-IS, features the FLIR A700 thermal imaging camera. The system is being used to screen visitors for elevated or higher than expected skin temperatures, which can help guard against the spread of COVID-19.
The FLIR EST system is able to detect higher than normal skin temperatures which may indicate illnesses such as coronavirus. Courtesy of FLIR.
The FLIR EST system is able to detect higher than normal skin temperatures, which may indicate illnesses such as COVID-19. Courtesy of FLIR.

The installation of the EST system at the Pentagon is one of many efforts FLIR is discussing with U.S. Department of Defense officials for applications across the armed services. The news follows statements made by FLIR President and CEO Jim Cannon on a recent earnings call that the company booked roughly $100 million in new EST business during the first quarter of 2020. More recently, General Motors announced it will use FLIR cameras at many of its sites to screen workers in an effort to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Published: June 2020
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