People in the News: 06/23/21

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BRAUNSCHWEIG, Germany — Jörn Stenger of Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany’s national metrology institute, has begun his term as chairperson of EURAMET, the European Association of National Metrology Institutes. Stenger joined PTB in 1999, working on optical clock metrology. He has been a member of EURAMET since 2002.

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands — Frits van Hout, former board member of ASML, will join the supervisory board of SMART Photonics. Hout joined ASML in 1984, where he stayed until 1992. From 1998 to 2001, he served as CEO of the Beyeler Group. He later returned to ASML and served as vice president of customer support, and he was appointed to the board of management in 2009 where he initially served as executive vice president of marketing, sales, and service. Hout was appointed chief strategy officer in 2018 and continued as a board member until earlier this year.
Frits van Hout will serve on the supervisory board of SMART Photonics. Courtesy of ASML.
Frits van Hout will serve on the supervisory board of SMART Photonics. Courtesy of ASML.

YAVNE, Israel — Medical laser company BELKIN Laser appointed Andrew Webb chief commercial officer. Webb will be responsible for the company’s commercial and go-to-market strategies that will be rolled out in anticipation of a controlled launch in Europe. Webb holds an MBA from Henley Business School, and he has held positions at Johnson & Johnson and Bausch + Lomb, where he was a member of the global surgical management team.

BEDFORD, N.H. — Matt Robinson has been named general manager and COO at LASER COMPONENTS USA, where he served as sales director since 2016. He has held positions at Corning and Schott.
Gary Hayes, left, hands over management of LASER COMPENENTS USA to Matthew Robinson. Courtesy of LASER COMPONENTS.
Gary Hayes (left) hands over management of LASER COMPENENTS USA to Matt Robinson. Courtesy of LASER COMPONENTS.

BOSTON — Lightmatter named Bob Turner vice president of sales and Sudarshan Yadav as head of product. Turner has more than 15 years of experience, most recently serving as director of sales for Central and Eastern United States at Graphcore. Yadav previously served in product leadership roles at Uber and Microsoft.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — SPIE and OSA have selected Brandon McMurtry for the 2021-2022 Arthur H. Guenther Congressional Fellowship. He will serve a one-year term in Washington, D.C., as a special legislative assistant for a member of the U.S. Congress or as a staff member for a congressional committee beginning in September. McMurtry is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chemistry at Columbia University, studying solution-phase crystal growth.
Brandon McMurtry. Courtesy of SPIE.
Brandon McMurtry. Courtesy of SPIE.

BRAUNSCHWEIG, Germany — Cornelia Denz will serve as president of PTB, Germany’s national metrology institute, beginning in 2022, following the retirement of Joachim Ullrich. Denz has served as chair of experimental physics at the University of Münster since 2003. She has received numerous awards for her work, including the Lise Meitner Prize of the state of Hesse. Ullrich has served as president of PTB since 2012.
Cornelia Denz. Courtesy of Evelyn Hülsheger, WWU Münster.
Cornelia Denz. Courtesy of Evelyn Hülsheger, WWU Münster.

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. — Herzan has been acquired by Tabatha Jacobson, Scott Weinhardt, and Reid Whitney, operations manager, director of engineering, and president, respectively. Jacobson, Weinhardt, and Whitney acquired the company from Ann Scanlan, who founded the company in 1992. Herzan designs vibration isolation systems and acoustic enclosures, as well as passive and active EMI isolation solutions, desktop air-based vibration isolation tables, laboratory workstations, and site survey tools.

Published: June 2021
Metrology is the science and practice of measurement. It encompasses the theoretical and practical aspects of measurement, including the development of measurement standards, techniques, and instruments, as well as the application of measurement principles in various fields. The primary objectives of metrology are to ensure accuracy, reliability, and consistency in measurements and to establish traceability to recognized standards. Metrology plays a crucial role in science, industry,...
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