PhotonDelta and MIT Update Roadmap for Integrated Photonics Progress

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EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, March 26, 2024 — An updated roadmap developed by PhotonDelta and MIT’s Microphotonics Center envelopes insights from more than 400 organizations to provide a clear path forward for the global integrated photonics industry. The roadmap was launched today during the Executive Forum at OFC 2024.

Produced over the last three years, the second edition of the Integrated Photonics System Roadmap – International (IPSR-I) identifies key technology gaps for volume manufacturing of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and provides a detailed analysis of the challenges that the industry needs to address, including insights into wireless communication and 3D imaging.

The document is segmented into 13 parts, spanning silicon photonics, interconnects and transceivers, polymers, testing, and spectroscopy, among others. Also covered are specific areas of application, including aerospace, agriculture and food, biomedical, and datacenter and telecom.

The collective roadmap seeks to establish and sustain a trust-based global network of industrial and R&D partners working together to create PICs technology and systems requirements.

“At the heart of the roadmap is a global approach for the integrated photonics industry to rally behind to meet core challenges,” said Peter van Arkel, CTO of PhotonDelta.

To view the full IPSR-I, visit

Published: March 2024
integrated photonics
Integrated photonics is a field of study and technology that involves the integration of optical components, such as lasers, modulators, detectors, and waveguides, on a single chip or substrate. The goal of integrated photonics is to miniaturize and consolidate optical elements in a manner similar to the integration of electronic components on a microchip in traditional integrated circuits. Key aspects of integrated photonics include: Miniaturization: Integrated photonics aims to...
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