Photonic Products Hires US Sales Manager

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Photonic Products Ltd., a subsidiary of ProPhotonix Ltd., has announced the appointment of Jim Brown as its sales manager for the US East Coast region.

With more than 25 years of experience, Brown will focus on increasing the company’s customer base for both distributed laser diodes and laser modules in the US. 

Before joining the company, he worked at Opnext Inc., a laser diode manufacturer, where he served a senior sales position for seven years. During that time, he developed business for the US industrial laser diode market.

Photonic Products is an ISO9001:2000-certified manufacturer of electro-optical subassemblies and optoelectronic components based on semiconductor laser diode technology. It also distributes high-performance laser diodes, LEDs and precision optical lenses for industrial, medical, scientific and defense markets.

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Published: July 2010
A two-electrode device with an anode and a cathode that passes current in only one direction. It may be designed as an electron tube or as a semiconductor device.
light-emitting diode
An LED, or light emitting diode, is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current passes through it. LEDs are widely used in various applications due to their energy efficiency, compact size, and long operational life. The technology behind LEDs is based on the phenomenon of electroluminescence. Key characteristics and features of LEDs include: Electroluminescence: The process by which LEDs emit light is called electroluminescence. It involves the recombination of...
Optoelectronics is a branch of electronics that focuses on the study and application of devices and systems that use light and its interactions with different materials. The term "optoelectronics" is a combination of "optics" and "electronics," reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of this field. Optoelectronic devices convert electrical signals into optical signals or vice versa, making them crucial in various technologies. Some key components and applications of optoelectronics include: ...
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