Photonics Spectra Preview - June 2023

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Here is your first look at the editorial content for the upcoming June issue of Photonics Spectra.

Fiber Lasers

Suppliers of fiber lasers for industrial and defense applications are unveiling systems capable of ever higher output powers. Contributing editor Marie Freebody talks to the key laser-makers to learn what other value-added features customers in these markets are prioritizing, why, and how customers are navigating the options to specify the right laser system for their application.

Key Technologies: (Industrial) fiber lasers, laser welding, cutting, drilling, cleaning/texturing. Materials processing, laser optics

Lidar Update

Chip-based lidar is poised to revolutionize an already fast-emerging technology sector, with implications for a wide range of applications, from autonomous vehicles and robotics to industrial automation and even augmented reality. Unlike conventional lidar systems, chip-based lidar can be fabricated using standard semiconductor manufacturing techniques, allowing for significant cost reduction, smaller form factors, and more scalable manufacture. Analog Photonics’ Gregory Smolka will discuss the potential and challenges for this new technology, and describe some of the unique design approaches in the works.

Key Technologies: (phased array) lidar on a chip (silicon photonics, integrated photonics), III-V diode lasers, coherent optical receivers

Quantum Imaging

Lying at the intersection of quantum physics and imaging science, quantum imaging manipulates and measures light in ways that are not possible with classical methods. The technology promises significant advances in medicine, security, and astronomy, but currently confronts key challenges such as the ability to generate and manipulate quantum states of light and the development of highly sensitive photodetectors capable of measuring the faint optical signals produced by quantum imaging. Contributing editor James Schlett talks to the component and system developers who are working on these challenges to provide an update and outlook on the future of this exciting technology.

Key Technologies: Quantum imaging, single-photon detectors, avalanche photodiodes

Chinese Laser Market

BOS Photonics' Bo Gu and editor Andreas Thoss team up to delve into the current and prospective market for industrial laser systems in China. In addition to quantifying the current market, they will look at where the numbers lead.

Key Technologies: (Industrial) fiber lasers, laser welding, cutting, drilling, cleaning/texturing, materials processing, laser optics

Laser Surface Texturing

Laser surface texturing is a method of producing a specific pattern or texture on a surface to change and/or enhance surface properties, such as their optical characteristics, mechanical resistance or friction. Laser surface texturing further offers high speed, efficiency and accuracy to the technique. Recent developments in ultrafast lasers, scanning heads and integrated solutions are allowing access to new surface texturing applications, including the interaction with biological agents and the functionalization of surfaces for medical applications. EPIC's Antonio Castelo shares developments of this technique in Europe and beyond.

Key Technologies: Pulsed lasers, including femtosecond and picosecond sources. fiber lasers, lasers operating from the UV to IR.

Interview with LASER World of PHOTONICS

It was a brave decision to start a trade fair in 1973 on a topic that many viewed as “a solution seeking a problem.” But 50 years later, that decision has resulted in the photonic industry's largest annual exhibitions: LASER World of PHOTONICS. Contributing editor Andreas Thoss sits down with Anke Odouli, chairman of the event's Exhibitor Board, and eExhibition director (and founder of TOPTICA Photonics) Wilhelm Kaenders to discuss the past, present, and future evolution of this massive trade show.

Key Technologies: Lasers

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Published: March 2023

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