Photron Limited Acquires Photonic Lattice Inc.

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TOKYO, Dec. 3, 2020 — Photron Limited, a developer of high-speed imaging technology and subsidiary of the Imagica Group, has acquired all shares of Photonic Lattice Inc. Photonic Lattice develops photonic crystal technologies and solutions for optical telecommunications and polarization imaging.

The two companies had been in a joint development relationship for more than 10 years. The full acquisition supports expanded efforts in photonic and semiconductor manufacturing.

Published: December 2020
In photonics, a lattice refers to a periodic arrangement of optical elements or structures, often on a microscopic or nanoscopic scale. These optical lattices can be created using various techniques such as lithography, etching, or deposition processes. The arrangement of these elements forms a regular grid-like pattern, analogous to the crystal lattice in solid-state physics. One common application of optical lattices is in photonic crystals, which are engineered materials with periodic...
polarization imaging
A subsurface imaging technique based upon the polarization of light reflected off an object. The polarization of reflected light gives information about the object's absorption properties that traditional intensity sensors are not capable of obtaining. The characteristics gained through the technique coupled with computer vision programs can effectively complete image-segmentation and object orientation tasks, enabling novel techniques for noninvasive surface and beneath-the-surface imaging.
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