Porotech Taps GaN-on-silicon Micro-LED Foundry Partner

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Micro-LED technology developer Porotech has partnered with Taiwan’s Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (PSMC) for the mass production of micro-LEDs on 200-mm gallium nitride (GaN)-on-silicon for consumer display applications. The partnership comes after Porotech partnered with Foxconn to accelerate its research and production of micro-LED technology last month.

Porotech’s "PoroGaN" microdisplay platform enables full-color or tunable color displays using identical pixels from a single wafer to achieve color uniformity while eliminating complex fabrication processes. The company unveiled its Dynamic Pixel Tuning technology during 2022’s Display Week. The technology has earned Porotech a nomination for a 2024 Prism Award in the AR/VR/MR category.

Published: January 2024
gallium nitride
Gallium nitride (GaN) is a compound made up of gallium (Ga) and nitrogen (N). It is a wide-bandgap semiconductor material that exhibits unique electrical and optical properties. Gallium nitride is widely used in the production of various electronic and optoelectronic devices, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs), laser diodes, power electronics, and high-frequency communication devices. Key points about gallium nitride (GaN): Chemical composition: Gallium nitride is a binary compound...
A semiconductor is a type of material that has electrical conductivity between that of a conductor and an insulator. In other words, semiconductors have properties that are intermediate between metals (good conductors of electricity) and insulators (poor conductors of electricity). The conductivity of a semiconductor can be controlled and modified by factors such as temperature, impurities, or an applied electric field. The most common semiconductors are crystalline solids, and they are...
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