Quantum Computing Integration Firm Bleximo to Expand Operations to Upstate NY

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Bleximo, a full-stack quantum computing system integration firm, will expand its design prototyping and marketing operations to the Albany NanoTech Complex in upstate New York. The company, which was founded in 2017 and is based in Berkeley, Calif., will also establish an R&D partnership with nonprofit organization New York Center for Research, Economic Advancement, Technology, Engineering, and Science (NY CREATES).  

Alexei Marchenkov, CEO of Bleximo, said, “NY CREATES’ technical capabilities as well as a track record of successfully supporting technology commercialization efforts, make it a unique hub for Bleximo’s aggressive development and commercialization schedule of its next-generation quantum computing systems. A partnership with NY CREATES is essential to rapidly develop, scale, and commercialize Bleximo’s patent-pending modular superconducting application-specific quantum processors (ASQPs) with integrated cryogenic silicon photonics control system.”

According to its website, Bleximo is building full-stack superconducting application-specific quantum computers by co-designing algorithms and hardware to deliver practical solutions for high-impact problems. The company’s capabilities include chip design, chip fabrication, and packaging technologies; electronic automated design software accelerating quantum processor layout and validation; a proprietary co-design methodology that boosts the speed and reduces algorithm complexity with appropriate processor architecture choice; a patent-pending blueprint for building hybrid superconducting/photonic processors with 1000-plus high-quality qubits; and its Cryogenic RubiconTM platform, which enables rapid tests of superconducting chips at millikelvin temperatures.

Satyavolu “Pops” Papa Rao, vice president for research at NY CREATES, said, “Bleximo’s Rubicon platform for the testing of multiqubit quantum processors provides a critically needed capability for NY CREATES’s R&D into scalable quantum computing systems. With the Rubicon platform, NY CREATES can accelerate the characterization of its [tantalum]-based Josephson junctions, high-quality-factor coplanar waveguide resonators, and superconducting nanowires developed at 300-mm wafer scale in our nation-leading facilities for use in a variety of quantum computing architectures.”

Published: December 2022
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