Raytheon Launches Optical Tech for IED Detection

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Raytheon UK, a subsidiary of Raytheon Co., has launched Soteria, a vehicle-mounted, standoff improvised explosive device (IED) detection system.

The technology was developed in partnership with Laser Optical Engineering Ltd., a spinout of Loughborough University.

Soteria uses optical processing technology to provide high-definition IED detection, confirmation and diagnosing capability, while exhibiting a low false-alarm rate. From a significant distance, it can determine the shape, size, orientation and exact location of hidden IEDs and other explosive devices such as low and zero metal content, which pose the biggest threat for ground-penetrating radar technologies. In the manned vehicle configuration, the technology can confirm and diagnose threats from a safe distance to ensure maximum protection of troops and vehicles.

“The system can be applied to a wide range of scenarios, including minefield clearance, which remains a significant menace in various world regions, as well as in other operations such as disaster relief,” said Bob Delorge, chief executive of Raytheon UK.

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Published: July 2013
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