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ABCs of Photonics

How about starting a blog or section that caters to grade-school children? We could all participate, and we would hopefully spark interest in young minds.
   – Bruce Marvin (via Facebook)

What technology is on your photonics wish list?

It would be great if that new development that can refocus your photographs from those MIT people were commercially available.
   – Patricia Comeford, electrical engineer (via Facebook)

How can we grow the photonics workforce?

Well, I have had a keen interest in photonics for over four years now, and I find it amazing! I think you should try and educate and enlighten more people in developing countries about it (Africa).
   – Isaac ODay Omoyeni (via Facebook)

Support and encourage industry participation in outreach. Visit classrooms; mentor science fair participants; speak at a local event. Share, share, share!
   – Laser Classroom (via Facebook)

What’s the biggest driver of the photonics market today?

Devices related [to] energy saving or harvesting in [the] big picture.
   – David Lee (via Facebook)

Communications is the greatest driver for photonics: With fiber optics and optical systems, the whole Internet runs, and also it is one of the reasons photonics is now recognized as an important technology along with other important technologies which drive the Internet.
   – Kishore Kumar (via Facebook)

Published: August 2013

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