Don't Fear the Sweeper: Audience Scanning in the US

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Apr. 28, 2010 — You're standing in a field with a thousand or more of your close friends, the ground beneath your feet quaking in time with the bass emanating from a thunderous sound system. A cone of light appears, a solid green sweep generated by a nearby laser. It expands rapidly and envelops you and your friends in its preternatural glow. The green gives way to a wash of other colors; the cone shrinks to a thin plane, slices of fog dancing through it. From somewhere above, a puzzle of light descends to meet you. Individual beams search you, play around you, involve you. Laser light displays that...Read full article

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    Published: April 2010
    Electromagnetic radiation detectable by the eye, ranging in wavelength from about 400 to 750 nm. In photonic applications light can be considered to cover the nonvisible portion of the spectrum which includes the ultraviolet and the infrared.
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