'Edge-First Flying Doughnut' Rewrites Rules on Angular Momentum

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COLLEGE PARK, Md., May 19, 2021 — Researchers at the University of Maryland have shown that photons in a vacuum can have orbital angular momentum (OAM) vectors that point sideways, at 90° to the direction of propagation. The discovery relies on a spatiotemporal optical vortex (STOV), the pulses of which are already known to hold potential in nonlinear optics applications. There are two types of rotational momentum in physics: spin and orbital. Both are described by the quantity known as angular momentum (AM). AM is a conserved quantity; it can be broken up and redistributed among particles such as atoms and photons,...Read full article

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    Published: May 2021
    Research & TechnologyLasersphysicsangular momentumorbital angular momentumspin angular momentumdonutdonut beamUniversity of Marylandspatio-temporal optical vortexSTOVopticanonlinear opticsOpticslight properties

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