Infrared Cameras Inc. Partners to Equip Drones with Imaging Tech

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Infrared Cameras Inc. (ICI), a developer of thermal cameras and infrared systems, formed a technology partnership with Ondas Holdings Inc., a provider of private wireless data and drone solutions through its wholly owned subsidiaries Ondas Networks Inc. and American Robotics Inc. Through the partnership, combined with ICI’s optical gas imaging and thermal sensors, American Robotics’ autonomous Scout System drone will be equipped with the technology needed to automate inspection of oil and gas assets and identification of methane leaks. According to Reese Mozer, co-founder...Read full article

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    Published: November 2022
    The processes in which luminous energy incident on the eye is perceived and evaluated.
    Infrared (IR) refers to the region of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths longer than those of visible light, but shorter than those of microwaves. The infrared spectrum spans wavelengths roughly between 700 nanometers (nm) and 1 millimeter (mm). It is divided into three main subcategories: Near-infrared (NIR): Wavelengths from approximately 700 nm to 1.4 micrometers (µm). Near-infrared light is often used in telecommunications, as well as in various imaging and sensing...
    machine vision
    Interpretation of an image of an object or scene through the use of optical noncontact sensing mechanisms for the purpose of obtaining information and/or controlling machines or processes.
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