Microresonator Increases Strength of Light-matter Interactions

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Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the University of Maryland, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) built an on-chip microresonator that strengthens light-matter interactions without losing optical quality. The microresonator could be used for light-matter interactions in sensing and metrology, nonlinear optics, cavity quantum electrodynamics, and other photonics applications. The device is based on a photonic crystal ring that resembles an internal gear. It combines the most useful characteristics of a photonic crystal resonator and a...Read full article

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    Published: February 2022
    The science of measurement, particularly of lengths and angles.
    An SI prefix meaning one billionth (10-9). Nano can also be used to indicate the study of atoms, molecules and other structures and particles on the nanometer scale. Nano-optics (also referred to as nanophotonics), for example, is the study of how light and light-matter interactions behave on the nanometer scale. See nanophotonics.
    Nanophotonics is a branch of science and technology that explores the behavior of light on the nanometer scale, typically at dimensions smaller than the wavelength of light. It involves the study and manipulation of light using nanoscale structures and materials, often at dimensions comparable to or smaller than the wavelength of the light being manipulated. Key aspects and applications of nanophotonics include: Nanoscale optical components: Nanophotonics involves the design and fabrication...
    photonic crystal
    Smallest amount into which the energy of a wave can be divided. The quantum is proportional to the frequency of the wave. See photon.
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