Round-III Finalists of the Luminate NY Accelerator Announced

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Empire State Development has announced its list of 10 finalists for the Lightning Round of Luminate NY, the world’s largest business accelerator for optics, photonics, and imaging (OPI) startups. The event, hosted the evening of Nov. 7 by the National Museum of Play in Rochester, awarded $100,000 to the 10 finalists, with companies operating across the tech spectrum, from quantum security to underwater optical communications. The finalists are listed below.

Edgar Janunts, CEO, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Product: Lens Reviewer, optical imaging system
AkknaTek’s Lens Reviewer assists optical surgeons in implanting premium lenses for cataracts by correcting the lens centration after implantation. The diagnostic system is equipped with an alignment joystick, an optical imaging system, and an embedded computer.

Sean Higgins, CEO, Rockville, Md., USA
Product: High-performance, low-cost bioanalytical instruments and assay-kit consumables
ExPrimary Inc. is looking to commercialize a suite of high-performance bioanalytical instrumentation at a fraction of the cost of existing products. The company’s goal is to increase access to bioanalytics across research and diagnostic markets with a focus on personalized health care.

Hanaan Hashim, CEO, Farhan Firaq, CTO, Bangalore, India
Product: On-demand quantum entropy
Haqean is looking to protect classified data with enhanced security, delivering seamless encryption of data using a single photon source based technology, creating what the company calls “sacred random numbers” from quantum physics with virtually no bias.

Kilo Medical Solutions
Joshna Seelam, CEO, Richmond, Va., USA
Product: Brise-Solette, light regulation for premature infants in the neonatal ICU
Kilo Medical Solutions’ Brise-Solette device is applied to the exterior of infant incubators to give nurses full control of the light environment and allow for customization based on infant needs. The company says Brise-Solette has the ability to implement light cycling and act as a visual indicator in cases of medical emergencies, reducing response times, improving health outcomes, and shortening stays in the NICU.

David Wyatt, Founder, CTO & President, San Jose, Calif., USA
Product: Nanoparticles, thin-films, LED and micro-LED designs, and digital controller ICs
PixelDisplay Inc.’s VividColor Eye-Safe technology creates a new LED-based LCD design with three viewing modes: HDR, Eye-Safe, and Daytime. The company claims its NanoBright technology, using inorganic nanoparticles, can be nano-patterned on a micro-LED array in an emissive color filter, allegedly increasing LCD efficiency by 66%.

Dr. Sanna Gaspard, CEO, Pittsburgh, Pa., USA
Product: Rubitect Assessment System (RAS), early bedsore detection and management tools

Rubitection Inc. has developed a monitoring tool called the Rubitect Assessment System (RAS) to capitalize on an reported $4.2 billion bedsore market in the U.S. The company says the RAS will allow caregivers to quantitatively monitor changes in a patient’s skin to personalize pressure-ulcer care.

Dr. Boon S. Ooi, CEO, Allentown, Pa., USA
Product: Smart lighting, LiFi, IoT, and underwater optical communications
SaNoor Technologies Inc. is developing laser-based visible light communication (VLC) devices and systems for high-speed, energy-saving, ecofriendly, and safe wireless data communication. Combining laser lighting and data communication functionalities in one system, SaNoor claims its Laser LiFi offers 50× longer transmission distance and 100× higher data rates compared to conventional LED technology.

Simulated Inanimate Models
Dr. Michael Wilson, COO, Rochester, N.Y., USA
Product: SIM ARTSTM, hands-free educational experiences
Simulated Inanimate Models (SIM) manufactures synthetic, lifelike physical anatomical models to help surgeons train to competency, with “zero risk to the patient,” according to the company. SIM says its training models can replicate all steps of a complete operation. Surgeons can complete the training in a simulated environment using SIM’s Augmented Reality Training System (ARTSTM), which the company says will provide real-time performance feedback, guidance, medical curricula, and certification.

Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar, CEO, Boston, Mass., USA
Product: Photonic Smart Coating (PSC) technology
SunDensity says its Photonic Smart Coating (PSC) technology will “nearly double” the energy efficiency of products such as digital cameras and solar cells by converting wasted visible light into a more efficient infrared light.

Think Outside
Monica Vaksdal, Founder & CEO, Bergen, Norway
Product: SKNOW, digital avalanche safety device
Think Outside is using geoanalytics to try to transfer oil exploration technology to new markets. The company’s device, SKNOW, is a digital avalanche safety device that aims to reduce the amount of avalanche accidents and deaths while improving knowledge and sharing about the snowpack. SKNOW generates a live digital snow profile for skiers, identifying weak layers and localized avalanche risk levels.

Finalists represent their companies on stage at the National Museum of Play. Courtesy of Luminate NY, Facebook.

In addition to receiving $100,000 investments, each of the 10 finalists has been admitted into Luminate NY’s 6-month accelerator program, gaining the aid of expert mentorship, lab facilities, additional education, and access to additional investors. The companies will compete for the grand prize of $2 million at Demo Day in June 2020.

Published: November 2019
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