SCD to Lead Israeli National Consortium on VCSEL Development

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HAIFA, Israel, March 10, 2021 — SCD, a developer and manufacturer of cooled and uncooled infrared detectors and high-power laser diodes, will lead an Israeli National Consortium for the development of next-generation VCSELs. The consortium is supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority through its MAGNET Consortium program.

The consortium was formed by technology companies and academic institutions including Nvidia, Civan Advanced Technologies, Galil Microwaves, the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The group will focus on the development of technologies for three main applications: high-power lasers, high-speed telecommunication, and atomic clocks.

Published: March 2021
infrared detector
An infrared detector is a device that is used to detect and measure infrared radiation, which lies beyond the visible spectrum of light. These detectors are utilized in various applications, including thermal imaging, night vision, spectroscopy, remote sensing, and industrial process monitoring. Infrared detectors convert the infrared radiation into an electrical signal, allowing for the detection and analysis of heat patterns, temperature variations, or infrared signatures of objects or...
atomic clock
An atomic clock is a highly precise timekeeping device that uses the vibrations or oscillations of atoms as a reference for measuring time. The most common type of atomic clock uses the vibrations of atoms, typically cesium or rubidium atoms, to define the length of a second. The principle behind atomic clocks is based on the fundamental properties of atoms, which oscillate at extremely stable and predictable frequencies. The primary concept employed in atomic clocks is the phenomenon of...
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