SDC Technologies Acquires Coatings Maker COTEC

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Mitsui Chemicals Inc. has announced that group company SDC Technologies Inc. acquired COTEC GmbH, a manufacturer, developer, and researcher of physical vapor deposition (PVD) and molecular layer deposition (MLD) materials for hydrophobic, oleophobic, and antireflective coatings in the ophthalmic, precision optics, automotive, and display markets. COTEC became a wholly owned subsidiary of SDC on October 1.

The move follows earlier Mitsui acquisitions in the last decade, of antifog coating specialist FSI Coating Technologies Inc. and UV-curable hard coatings producers LTI Coatings Technologies.

Mitsui, in a press release, said it plans to continue expanding the portfolio of its Vision Care Materials Division. With COTEC’s thin-film coating technology, SDC is now able to provide coating materials for all layers of a complete eyewear lens coating stack, said SDC President and CEO Antonios Grigoriou.

Published: October 2020
antireflection coating
A thin layer of material applied to a lens surface to reduce the amount of reflected energy. Ideally the index of refraction of that material should be equal to the square root of the product of the indices of the material on either side of the coating, while the ideal thickness for a single-layer coating is one-quarter of the wavelength at which reflectance is to be minimized. See also multilayer coating.
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