SMARTTECH3D Partners with Oqton

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SMARTTECH3D, a 3D scanning technology company, has entered into a partnership with Oqton, a software provider offering solutions for inspection and reverse engineering based on 3D scan data. Per the partnership, SMARTTECH3D’s 3D scanners will be bundled with Oqton’s Geomagic Control X and Geomagic Design X 3D metrology software. 

SMARTTECH3D solutions additionally support photogrammetry and positioning control. Software solutions from Oqton target additive production, 3D scanning, and robotic welding. The company’s additive production software delivers AI-powered capabilities for image segmentation, additive design and inspection, simulation, and more.

Published: February 2023
1. A device used to trace out an object and build up an image. One of the most common of these types is video scanning. The scanning takes place inside the television tube as electrons, guided by electron optics, sweep linearly across a tube face coated on the inside with a phosphorescent material. A scanner can convert a paper drawing or photograph into pixels on a display screen. Scanners are also used to relay information in optical data processing. 2. A device that automatically measures or...
Metrology is the science and practice of measurement. It encompasses the theoretical and practical aspects of measurement, including the development of measurement standards, techniques, and instruments, as well as the application of measurement principles in various fields. The primary objectives of metrology are to ensure accuracy, reliability, and consistency in measurements and to establish traceability to recognized standards. Metrology plays a crucial role in science, industry,...
machine vision
Machine vision, also known as computer vision or computer sight, refers to the technology that enables machines, typically computers, to interpret and understand visual information from the world, much like the human visual system. It involves the development and application of algorithms and systems that allow machines to acquire, process, analyze, and make decisions based on visual data. Key aspects of machine vision include: Image acquisition: Machine vision systems use various...
Positioning generally refers to the determination or identification of the location or placement of an object, person, or entity in a specific space or relative to a reference point. The term is used in various contexts, and the methods for positioning can vary depending on the application. Key aspects of positioning include: Spatial coordinates: Positioning often involves expressing the location of an object in terms of spatial coordinates. These coordinates may include dimensions such as...
Photogrammetry is a technique used to obtain accurate three-dimensional measurements of objects and environments through the analysis of photographs or imagery. It involves extracting information about the shape, size, and spatial properties of physical objects or scenes from photographs taken from different viewpoints. The word "photogrammetry" is derived from the Greek words "photos" (light) and "gramma" (drawing or measurement). The process of photogrammetry typically involves the...
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