Saccade Vision, Euclid Labs Team Up for Industrial 3D Inspection

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Industrial inspection company Saccade Vision partnered with Euclid Labs to deliver an optical inline 3D inspection system for metalworking machines. Euclid Labs, a 3D vision and robotics solutions provider, will handle offline programming capabilities for the system that takes aim at optimizing manual inspection for workflow optimization.

The companies developed an automated inspection method for machined parts after completion of the processing cycle. Though machine-tending robots add capacity to machining operations, enabling shop floor employees to complete duties of higher value, inspection in many environments remains a manual task. The costs and efforts required to implement a fully automated inspection system contribute to this.

For the automated system, Roberto Polesel, CEO of Euclid Labs, said that Euclid is enabling easy integration of the sensor for inline inspections. An initial focus will be on checking flanges and angles of metal sheet parts after bending, as well as on checking assembly processes of multiple items.

“When adopting ‘software-defined manufacturing,’ we need to get rid of an inspection based on a collection of single measurements performed with multiple tools,” Polesel said.

In contrast to applications that, for example, necessitate use of three smart cameras and 10 distance sensors to verify a mechanical assembly, the collaboration with Saccade will enable checks at each step in the manufacturing. The system will also deliver information in 3D without the need for scans and/or elaborate data sets, Polesel said.

Saccade Vision plans to deliver its inspection system with Euclid Labs later this year, Saccade Vision co-founder and CEO Alex Shulman said.

Published: August 2022
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