Sofradir and ULIS to invest €150M ($171M) in Nano 2022 initiative

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GRENOBLE, France — Sofradir and its subsidiary ULIS announced their participation in the Nano 2022 initiative. They plan to invest €150M ($171M) between 2018 and 2022. The announcment follows the European Commission’s approval of the “Important Project of Common European Interest” (IPCEI), a collaborative partnership between France, Germany, Italy, and the U.K. to provide roughly $2 billion in support for microelectronic research and modernization.

Nano 2022 is a cross-border program based in France and focused on the development of nanotechnology that includes the applications of smart sensors. This market sector has significant importance for the future of Europe’s microelectronics ecosystem, ensuring industrial expansion. This investment allows for Sofradir to develop large-dimension IR detectors for astronomy, as well as compact ones for portable devices.

“Infrared technologies can offer the necessary solutions for improving assisted living, mobility, energy efficiency, security, and environmental monitoring, which are all crucial societal needs,” said Jean-François Delepau, chairman and CEO of Sofradir and ULIS. “As a result of our investment, equipment manufacturers will benefit from the ease of use and performance these new products will offer.”

IPCEI encourages members to channel their money into larger projects to contribute to economic growth, job creation, and competition.

Published: March 2019
The use of atoms, molecules and molecular-scale structures to enhance existing technology and develop new materials and devices. The goal of this technology is to manipulate atomic and molecular particles to create devices that are thousands of times smaller and faster than those of the current microtechnologies.
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