Spoke Teams with Qualcomm to Support Bicycle, Scooter Road Safety

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Spoke, a mobility platform for safety, connectivity, and rich rider experiences, plans to bring connected technology to vulnerable road users (VRUs), including bicyclists and scooter riders, using Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) solutions from Qualcomm Technologies Inc. The Spoke hardware and software suite features the C-V2X solutions, and is designed to be a connected system that offers secure, direct communication for contextual awareness and alerts between drivers and riders, enhancing safety for VRUs.
Spoke’s hardware and software suite enables increased environmental awareness for vulnerable road users such as cyclists. Courtesy of Spoke.
Spoke’s hardware and software suite enables increased environmental awareness for vulnerable road users such as cyclists. The company has announced it will use Qualcomm Technologies' C-V2X solution in a connected system. Courtesy of Spoke.

C-V2X is designed to enable reliable, low-latency direct communication between VRUs, vehicles, and roadside infrastructure in the 5.9-GHz ITS spectrum without reliance on cellular networks. C-V2X is also globally compatible with 5G networks and cloud-based APIs, enabling numerous capabilities with artificial intelligence/machine learning to enhance safety features and vehicle automation.

The Spoke solution is intended to provide direct communication between road users, vehicles, and roadside infrastructure without the need for a cellular network, delivering the level of dependable real-time information critical for safety applications. This capability provides critical augmentation to other advanced driver assistance systemssensors, such as cameras, radar, and lidar.

Published: August 2021
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