TKH Vision Group Opens Vision Solution Center

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TKH Vision has opened the TKH Vision Solution Center in Konstanz, Germany. The center, located at the Chromasens headquarters, will serve as a demonstration and experience center for TKH Vision’s integrated machine vision solutions.
The TKH Vision Solution Center, located at the Chromasens headquarters in Konstanz, Germany. Courtesy of TKH Vision.
The TKH Vision Solution Center, located at the Chromasens headquarters in Konstanz, Germany. Courtesy of TKH Vision.
The TKH Vision Solution Center highlights the capabilities, expertise, products, and technologies of the eight TKH Vision group of companies: Allied Vision Technologies, Chromasens, LMI Technologies, Mikrotron, Nerian Vision, NET, SVS-Vistek, and Tattile. The test labs feature a variety of live demos from all TKH Vision companies, demonstrating the use and benefits of their respective products.

The development of a center to showcase turnkey solutions and demonstrations follows TKH Vision's 33% growth in member companies since July 2022, via its incorporations of Nerian Vision and Mikrotron.

Published: February 2023
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