The 10 Best Comments from the 2021 Reader Survey

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Here is the kind of feedback that you could receive by participating in the 2022 Reader Survey.

"The advertiser presents their capabilities in general phrases, but with enough info to have someone remember it if they need such capabilities in the future."

"This ad has a lot of good information within, however the layout is too cluttered and there are too many different images. Less would be more as far as the layout here. I feel like the ad is trying to convey the idea that the manufacturer is very diverse and has a broad range of applications."

"After reading this ad, I still have no idea what this company offers, and what sets them apart from competition. Having zero images and only text in ads these days immediately makes the reader skip past the ad. I feel like the ad is trying to convey intrigue, but this type of advertising is not suited for that."

"The ad is a simple and modern ad that is very effective at drawing a client to the website. There is no information on this ad that instigates casual readers to check out the product line. I feel this ad is trying to convey modernity while being minimal."

"The ad itself conveys the core product line of the company, however, the images used have too much detail for the print size - they needed to be much larger in order to gleam everything out of the images. These images could have been deleted and a smaller ad purchased, or more information about specialty coatings / unique applications offered by the company added."

"I don't like unqualified statements like "the leader in...." They turn me off. Everybody is the leader in. If you are going to make that statement, qualify it."

"It's trying to convey the message that the product would save time and money if one were to use it. However, that's all it details and nothing more. It's not eye catching nor informative at all."

"Short on vital details and features especially for potential new customers. They will need more than a picture and a single line. I am one of those new people to this company and its products."

"This is an excellent example of how info ads should be. It gets straight to the main points of needed information and also provides a link to further research if one so desires. Excellent attention grabber visually and since it's straight forward with the information about what it is and does it keeps people engaged and interested. Excellent all around!"

"The acronyms in the ad appeal only to those who know what they mean. This limits the impact of the ad."

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Published: May 2022

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