Tohoku, Advantest Develop In Vivo Skin Imaging Technology

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An R&D group led by Professor Yoshifumi Saijo of Tohoku University and Noriyuki Masuda of Advantest Europe GmbH has succeeded in developing in vivo skin imaging technology that can simultaneously generate dual-wavelength photoacoustic images and ultrasound images.

As part of the “Innovative Visualization Technology to Lead to Creation of a New Growth Industry” project operated under Japan’s Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation through its Impulsing Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program (ImPACT), the newly developed in vivo imaging technology utilizes a focused ultrasonic sensor that can detect multiple ultrasonic signals. Thus, photoacoustic waves and ultrasonic waves can be measured with the same sensor while signals are generated on two alternating wavelengths, allowing the detection of ultrasonic waves that image the microvascular network in the dermis as well as blood oxygen saturation. Using the acquired data, mapping of oxygen saturation and the superposition of photoacoustic images and ultrasound images is possible.

Biopsy studies have proved that signs of skin aging such as spots and wrinkles are related to microvessels in the skin. The newly developed photoacoustic imaging method is expected to be used for monitoring of photoaging of the skin as well as other applications.

Published: November 2018
in vivo
In vivo is a Latin term that translates to "within the living." In scientific contexts, particularly in biology and medicine, it refers to experiments or observations conducted within a living organism. In vivo studies involve the investigation of biological processes, responses to treatments, or the effects of interventions in intact organisms. This can include studies in animals such as mice, rats, rabbits, or non-human primates, as well as in humans. In vivo experiments allow...
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