TriEye, Toshiba Teli Bringing Enhanced SWIR Camera to Market

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HINO, Japan, April 19, 2022 — TriEye and Toshiba Teli have launched a partnership to commercialize a SWIR camera for industrial-related processes and applications. TriEye’s CMOS-based SWIR sensing solutions and Toshiba Teli, which develops and manufactures CMOS and CCD cameras for applications in machine vision, industrial automation, inspection, measurement, robotics, and other sectors, will combine to make available a solution that the collaborators said they have already built: an industrial-oriented CMOS-based high-definition SWIR camera.

The companies said the device is the first of its kind and that the integration will provide vision systems with an additional layer of information to benefit industrial applications and enhance processing capabilities. Though InGaAs-based SWIR sensing has been used for decades, its high costs and low production yield limited it to select industries such as aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing.

A dual USB3 camera prototype with a TriEye image sensor. Courtesy of Toshiba Teli.
A dual USB 3 camera prototype with a TriEye image sensor. Courtesy of Toshiba Teli.
TriEye said the solution will provide Toshiba’s customers with material sensing and quality control information. TriEye previously developed the “Raven,” a CMOS-based SWIR image sensor for mass production.

The first prototyped camera, resulting from the collaboration between the companies, will be shown at the Industrial Camera EXPO April 20-22 in Japan.

Published: April 2022
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