TriLite and Dispelix Partner on AR Glasses Display

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VIENNA, June 6, 2022 — TriLite, a developer of miniature projection displays, is collaborating with transparent waveguide developer Dispelix to create an ultracompact display system for augmented reality (AR) smart glasses. The system pairs TriLite’s Trixel 3 laser beam scanner (LBS) with Dispelix’s advanced waveguide technology.

Image creation in AR glasses requires a projector, such as the Trixel 3, and a glass or plastic waveguide. The predominantly transparent waveguide bends and combines light beams from multiple sources into the eye.

TriLite’s Trixel 3 has a volume of less than 1 cm3  and a weight of just 1.5 g. It does not require additional relay optics between the LBS projector and the waveguide. The compact combined-system form factor with Dispelix’s ultrathin waveguide broadens the range of styles and sizes achievable with AR glasses.

Published: June 2022
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Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that integrates digital information, typically in the form of computer-generated graphics, images, or data, with the real-world environment in real-time. AR enhances the user's perception of the physical world by overlaying or combining digital content onto the user's view of the real world, often through devices like smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, or specialized AR headsets. Key features and principles of augmented reality: Real-time...
A waveguide is a physical structure or device that is designed to confine and guide electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, microwaves, or light waves. It is commonly used in communication systems, radar systems, and other applications where the controlled transmission of electromagnetic waves is crucial. The basic function of a waveguide is to provide a path for the propagation of electromagnetic waves while minimizing the loss of energy. Waveguides come in various shapes and sizes, and...
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