UFC Develops Quantum Material That Uses, Stores Energy at Subatomic Level

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The San Antonio Endovascular & Heart Institute (SAEHi), a practice specializing in diagnosing, treating, managing, and researching diseases and disorders of the heart and vascular system, has deployed the Bioflux mobile cardiac telemetry solution from health care technology company Biotricity Inc.

“We are thrilled to see our new solution at work with SAEHi as they continue to build their reputation as an unparalleled innovator in heart disease diagnosis and treatment,” said Waqaas Al-Siddiq, founder and CEO of Biotricity. “Bioflux was purposely built for cardiac patients who require active monitoring because, until now, short-term monitoring or admission into the hospital for long-term observation was the most accessible option.”

SAEHi will leverage the real-time, high-precision mobile device to assist in the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias, enhance patient outcomes, improve patient compliance, and curb health care costs.

“I love the simplicity the Bioflux technology provides for my patients, which should encourage greater compliance and improved data collection,” said R. Stefan Kiesz, president and CEO of SAEHi. “The device fit seamlessly with our practice and didn’t interrupt our workflow whatsoever — in fact, it streamlined it. I’m also optimistic and excited about the prospects and applications of this platform in other medical markets serving outpatient treatments, and I believe this technology should be considered for postpercutaneous coronary intervention.”

The Bioflux system is designed to be a complete solution for cardiac monitoring and diagnosis. It consists of the Bioflux device, proprietary software, and a 24/7 monitoring center that merges seamlessly with physicians’ existing platforms and workflows. Unlike traditional cardiac monitoring solutions, Bioflux extends the support a patient receives at a care facility into the patient’s home. The device monitors a patient’s electrocardiogram in near real time, constantly analyzing and collecting data on the device, and periodically uploading to the cloud via embedded cellular technology.

“Bioflux helps health care professionals like SAEHi leverage advanced technology to transmit data as it happens,” said Bartlomiej Gora, clinical research coordinator at the Institute. “This not only facilitates data analysis and integration into our workflow, but also allows the patient to be diagnosed at home and to feel safer. At the end of the day, we are improving our patient-consumer outcomes because Bioflux provides actionable data and feedback.”

Biotricity is a medical technology company focused on delivering remote biometric monitoring solutions to the medical and consumer markets.

Published: May 2018
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