University of Twente Opens Bioimaging Center: Week in Brief: 03/31/23

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ENSCHEDE, Netherlands, March 31, 2023 — The University of Twente opened its BioImaging Centre, which serves as the core facility for microscopy at the university’s Technical Medical Centre. The facility is equipped with confocal fluorescence and Raman microscopy systems, as well as a TomoCube HT-X1 system that can be used to create 3D images of living cells. The facility is available to university researchers and members of the business community.
The University of Twente’s Technical Medical Centre is now home to the BioImaging Centre, which features state-of-the-art microscopy systems available for use by researchers and the business community. Courtesy of the University of Twente.
The University of Twente’s Technical Medical Centre is home to the BioImaging Centre, which features state-of-the-art microscopy systems. Courtesy of the University of Twente.
ITZEHOE, Germany — OQmented, a micro-electromechanical systems- (MEMS)-based AR/MR display and 3D sensing solutions company, raised $20 million in its series A fundraising round. OQmented intends to hire several key employees and strengthen its business development team for access to the U.S. and Asian markets.

HUDSON, N.H. — The United States’ Joint Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Officer (JCO) successfully tested BAE Systems’ Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) laser-guidance kits in a counter-unmanned aircraft systems mission. APKWS enables unguided rockets to serve as smart munitions for precision strikes on soft and lightly armored targets.  
BAE Systems’ APKWS laser-guidance kits have been successfully tested against drones. Courtesy of BAE Systems.
BAE Systems’ APKWS laser-guidance kits. Courtesy of BAE Systems. 
HICKORY, N.C. — CommScope and Corning will invest nearly $550 million to build fiber optic cables in the U.S. CommScope has allocated $47 million to expand its U.S. manufacturing capacity, including at its facility in Catawba, N.C. According to CommScope, this facility will produce fiber optic cable that is specifically designed for rural areas. Corning has opened a new manufacturing campus near Hickory, N.C. It builds on the more than $500 million that Corning has invested in fiber and cable manufacturing since 2020. The company has also formed a partnership with NTCA — The Rural Broadband Association — to dedicate a portion of the cable manufactured at its facility to small rural providers and co-ops.

ROME — Thales Alenia Space, the joint venture between Thales and Leonardo, won contracts from the European Space Agency to supply a first batch of six small satellites with synthetic aperture radars (SAR) and one satellite based on optical technology for the Italian Earth-observation constellation, IRIDE. The contract for the six SAR satellites is worth €112 million ($122 million) and includes an option on a second group of four satellites, worth €75 million. The optical satellite contract is worth €30 million and includes an option on an additional satellite for €19 million.

TORONTO — 3E Nano, a coating technology company spun from the University of Toronto, secured $4 million in seed funding. The syndicated raise was led by Energy Foundry and includes MUUS Climate Partners, ACT Venture Partners, Creative Ventures, and New Climate Ventures. Additional climate impact investors participated in the round with significant contributions from Vectors Capital and VertueLab. The company also received 5 million CAD ($3.7 million) in follow-on funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada.
From left: Nazir Kherani, CSA and Co-founder 3E Nano; MP Yvan Baker representing Sustainable Development Technology Canada; Steve Ferrero, CEO 3E Nano; and Dan Shea, Chairman and Co-founder 3E Nano. Courtesy of 3E Nano via Business Wire.
(From left) Nazir Kherani, co-founder, 3E Nano; Member of Parliament Yvan Baker, representing Sustainable Development Technology Canada; Steve Ferrero, CEO 3E Nano; and Dan Shea, chairman and co-founder 3E Nano. Courtesy of 3E Nano via Business Wire.
PLEASANTON, Calif. — Gatan, a business of AMETEK and a developer of electron microscopy solutions, merged with EDAX, a provider of materials characterization systems including wavelength dispersive spectrometry tools. The combined organization will retain the Gatan name.

OTTAWA, Ontario — The government of Canada will provide 8.5 million CAD in support for VueReal, a display technology company. In addition, the government of Ontario is supporting VueReal with 2 million CAD provided through Invest Ontario. The joint investment will support a 40 million CAD investment VueReal is making to expand its operations by boosting manufacturing capacity and fabrication processes.

SCHWETZINGEN, Germany — Notion Systems, a provider of industrial inkjet systems, broke ground on its new headquarters in Schwetzingen, Germany. Notion Systems’ technology is used to produce OLED and quantum light-emitting diode (QLED) displays, printed circuit boards, sensors, and high-quality 3D parts.

Published: March 2023
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