VI Systems Awarded Two Optoelectronic Patents

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BERLIN, Feb. 11, 2019 — The U.S. Patent Office has awarded two critical patents to VI Systems GmbH for applications in advanced data communications, sensing, and high-power vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays.

The first patent is for an optoelectronic device with resonant suppression of high-order optical modes. The second patent is for an optoelectronic device with enhanced lateral leakage of high-order transverse optical modes into alloy-intermixed regions.

The inventions facilitate the realization of single-mode devices at large oxide-confined and/or impurity-intermixing defined aperture diameters and enable on-chip coherently-coupled VCSEL arrays without using of external mirrors. 2D beam steering is enabled when VCSELs or blocks of VCSELs are individually addressable.

Published: February 2019
Optoelectronics is a branch of electronics that focuses on the study and application of devices and systems that use light and its interactions with different materials. The term "optoelectronics" is a combination of "optics" and "electronics," reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of this field. Optoelectronic devices convert electrical signals into optical signals or vice versa, making them crucial in various technologies. Some key components and applications of optoelectronics include: ...
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