VR/AR Global Summit to Bring Cutting Edge Tech to Canada

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 10, 2019 — The VR/AR Association (VRARA) has announced its program of over 120 global speakers that will be featured at its flagship summit, to be held for the fourth time in Vancouver, the second-largest VR/AR ecosystem in the world.

Presenters, including panelists and keynote speakers, will speak on the current state and the future of virtual reality and augmented reality as they relate to specific industries such as enterprise, education, defense, entertainment, and health care. The event is scheduled to take place Nov. 1 and 2.

Keynote topics include “The Future of AR: From Games to Mainstream Adoption and Beyond,” “Developing AR and Automotive,” and “Real-Time AR/VR Applications in Sports.”

New to the event is a speed-dating-style networking event designed to forge connections and partnerships between attendees in order to facilitate new business. Also featured are a number of workshops, exhibits, and keynotes throughout both days of the conference.

Highlights of the list of speakers include Charlie Fink, a VR/AR consultant and Forbes columnist; Ross Finman, head of AR at Niantic; Cathy Hackl of Magic Leap; Sergio Paolantonio, director of augmented reality, voice experiences, design, and development at Hasbro; and Kavya Pearlman, founder and CSO of Cautelare and co-founder of XR Safety Initiative, a nonprofit effort designed to promote privacy, security, ethics, and the development of standards around VR.

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Published: October 2019
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