ViaLase Closes $40M Series Funding Round

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ViaLase, a clinical-stage medical technology company developing lasers for the treatment of glaucoma, has closed a $40 million series C funding round. Proceeds from the round will be used to continue commercialization of the ViaLase Laser technology including clinical, regulatory, and other commercial milestones. If approved, the ViaLase Laser will be the first femtosecond laser used for the treatment of primary open angle glaucoma, ViaLase said.

The ViaLase Laser combines femtosecond laser technology with micron-accurate image guidance for a noninvasive glaucoma treatment called femtosecond laser image-guided high-precision trabeculotomy, or FLigHT. The novel FLigHT procedure, ViaLase said, will provide physicians with precision and visibility when creating channels in the trabecular meshwork to lower intraocular pressure through a noninvasive, nonsurgical approach.

The financing was led by a new investor along with support from current investors, including Venture Investors Health Fund, Arboretum Ventures, and Falcon Vision, an ophthalmology investment platform supported by KKR.

Published: April 2024
The processes in which luminous energy incident on the eye is perceived and evaluated.
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