Wagner Made MVTEc’s Product, Business Manager

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MUNICH, Oct. 31, 2017 — MVTec Software GmbH has appointed Christoph Wagner as its product and business development manager.

Wagner will work to further increase MVTec's presence in the international embedded vision market. The mechanical engineer and certified business administrator has extensive expertise in machine vision. He also holds more than 10 years of experience in product management, technical support and R&D.

Previously, Wagner worked primarily on the hardware side, in particular in the area of 3D vision. Before joining MVTec, he was employed at wenglorMEL GmbH as a technical support manager and product manager for 2D and 3D profile optoelectronic sensors. Before that, Wagner worked at SmartRay GmbH where he held various positions in customer support, order processing and project management of customer-specific applications, as well as in R&D.

"I very much look forward to joining the leading manufacturer in the market for standard machine vision software,” Wagner said. “As part of this work, I will be able to purposefully combine my machine vision expertise with my knowledge in the area of hardware development. I am eager to help actively and profitably strengthen the embedded vision technology field – which is equally important for both customers and MVTec – and to broaden MVTec's presence in this international growth market."

MVTec is a manufacturer of software for machine vision used in the areas of imaging, semiconductors, inspection, optical quality control, metrology, medicine and surveillance.

Published: October 2017
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