WaveOptics Signs Deal with Google Supplier Goertek

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ABINGDON, England, Nov. 30, 2018 — WaveOptics has signed a deal with Goertek to mass produce waveguides for augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Waveguides are lenses that guide light from a tiny projector to the glass of AR devices, allowing virtual objects to be overlaid on the real world. They are currently used in AR headsets sold by companies such as Microsoft and Magic Leap.

Partnering with a large business like Goertek, whose customers include Samsung, Sony, and Google, will allow WaveOptics to reduce the cost of its components.

Earlier this year, WaveOptics announced another manufacturing deal with EV Group, an Austrian firm. The new deal with Goertek is in addition to this previously established partnership.

The global AR market is projected to reach $70 billion by 2023, according to forecasts from Mordor Intelligence. The firm expects to see a compound annual growth rate in AR of 51 percent over the next five years.

Published: November 2018
wave optics
Also referred to as physical optics - the area of optics in which the wave nature of light is essential when defining its propagation. To exploit the wave phenomena of light, one must interact light with objects approximate in size to that of the wavelength of the light being used. The principles of optical interference and diffraction are based off of the wave theory of light and can be observed every day in nature.
augmented reality
Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that integrates digital information, typically in the form of computer-generated graphics, images, or data, with the real-world environment in real-time. AR enhances the user's perception of the physical world by overlaying or combining digital content onto the user's view of the real world, often through devices like smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, or specialized AR headsets. Key features and principles of augmented reality: Real-time...
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