Xenesis, ATLAS, Laser Light Create All-Optical Space-to-Earth Data Network

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Xenesis, ATLAS Space Operations, and Laser Light Communications announced they have joined forces to create Empower Space, an alliance that will provide a turnkey direct optical data distribution service from spacecraft to customer locations, worldwide. 

Empower Space intends to serve LEO, MEO, GEO, cislunar, and deep space capability with standardized interoperability, robust data capacity, and unprecedented access to customer locations worldwide. Space data platforms will now have a choice between relying on legacy radio frequency transmission and distribution, or high-capacity and low-cost all-optical direct delivery of their data to its ultimate distribution on a single network.

Empower Space will offer a licensable 10- to 100-Gb/s optical unit — depending on the customer requirement — for integration into planned space platforms in the near Earth, cislunar, and deep space markets. The system will be managed and monitored by ATLAS Space, entirely on the Empower Space alliance network.

Published: August 2018
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