Xenics Opens Cleanroom

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LEUVEN, Belgium, Oct. 28, 2021 — Xenics, a provider of infrared detectors and cameras, has opened an in-house cleanroom, following a multimillion dollar investment. The cleanroom enables the company to produce higher-quality sensors at larger volumes for applications in microscopy, machine vision, environmental monitoring, additive manufacturing, and precision agriculture.

Published: October 2021
machine vision
Machine vision, also known as computer vision or computer sight, refers to the technology that enables machines, typically computers, to interpret and understand visual information from the world, much like the human visual system. It involves the development and application of algorithms and systems that allow machines to acquire, process, analyze, and make decisions based on visual data. Key aspects of machine vision include: Image acquisition: Machine vision systems use various...
Infrared (IR) refers to the region of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths longer than those of visible light, but shorter than those of microwaves. The infrared spectrum spans wavelengths roughly between 700 nanometers (nm) and 1 millimeter (mm). It is divided into three main subcategories: Near-infrared (NIR): Wavelengths from approximately 700 nm to 1.4 micrometers (µm). Near-infrared light is often used in telecommunications, as well as in various imaging and sensing...
An area in which airborne particulates can be monitored and controlled so that given size particles do not exceed a specified concentration, thereby eliminating potential dysfunctions in gyroscopes, ball bearings and other materials and lubricants.
In morphological image processing, a series of erosions followed by the same number of dilations.
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