Xiaomi and Leica Unveil Dedicated Collaborative Institute

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BEIJING, Feb. 21, 2024 — Xiaomi and Leica Camera AG have established the Xiaomi x Leica Optical Institute, which the companies plan to use to develop digital imaging and AI technologies for mobile imaging. The institute will lead to the design of ultra-precision optical lenses in a compact form factor, advance performance in computational photography, ensure adherence to optical standards for lenses, and conduct research and develop applications for optoelectronic technology.

Per the endeavor, Xiaomi and Leica have assembled a joint team of over 200 experts. Peter Karbe, the optical designer behind the fourth-generation lenses from Leica including designs like Noctilux and the APO series, will serve as optical expert. Zeng Xuezong, senior vice president of Xiaomi Group and president of the Xiaomi Mobile Phone Department, will serve as director. Yi Yan, head of Xiaomi Group’s Software Technical Team, and Wang Xuanran, general manager of Xiaomi Camera Department, will serve as deputy directors.

Currently, three major laboratories are planned in Beijing, with focuses on camera hardware, imaging, and objective and subjective image quality evaluation. The labs will span a total area of 2644 sq m and will feature advanced automated production processes.

Published: February 2024
Optoelectronics is a branch of electronics that focuses on the study and application of devices and systems that use light and its interactions with different materials. The term "optoelectronics" is a combination of "optics" and "electronics," reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of this field. Optoelectronic devices convert electrical signals into optical signals or vice versa, making them crucial in various technologies. Some key components and applications of optoelectronics include: ...
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