Yingst to Head Mars Curiosity Rover MAHLI Instrument Team: People in the News: 04/27/22

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TUCSON, Ariz., April 27, 2022 — Planetary Science Institute’s (PSI) R. Aileen Yingst has been selected to head the Mars rover Curiosity’s version of the magnifying hand lens that geologists usually carry with them into the field. The Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) instrument provides Earth-bound scientists with views of Martian surfaces and materials. The instrument features a camera and both white and UV light sources, and it can capture images as small as 12.5 μm. Yingst is a senior scientist at PSI. She previously served as deputy principal investigator for MAHLI and assumes the position of principal investigator.
Aileen Yingst. Courtesy of PSI.

Aileen Yingst. Courtesy of PSI.
ZHUBEI CITY, Taiwan — CoreTech System Co. (Moldex3D) named David Hsu chairman and Venny Yang CEO. Company founder Rong-Yeu Chang stepped down from both positions to assume the role of honorary chairman and chief R&D consultant. The company offers its plastic injection molding simulation solution “Moldex” series for the plastic molding industry, delivering analysis results to verify complex designs based on true 3D technology.

HANOVER, Germany — Vison technology company Viscom AG named Christian Schweizer head of service effective May 1. Schweizer will oversee service jobs for Viscom customers, including maintenance, conversions, retrofits, repairs, and deliveries. Viscom offers optical inspection for the electronics industry.

Published: April 2022
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