Zebra Technologies Enters Machine Vision Market, Acquires Adaptive Vision

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LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., May 20, 2021 — Zebra Technologies has entered the machine vision market with its acquisition of software company Adaptive Vision, and with the release of a line of fixed industrial scanners and smart cameras powered by a proprietary software platform.

The industrial automation solutions expand on Zebra’s acquisition of vision-based analytics and AI company Cortexica in late 2019, and augment Zebra’s portfolio of vertically oriented intelligent edge solutions that utilize computer vision hardware and software.

Zebra’s fixed industrial scanners and machine vision smart cameras leverage the Zebra Aurora platform for track and trace capabilities and quality inspection of manufacturing work in process.

“The acquisition of Adaptive Vision accelerates our Enterprise Asset Intelligence vision as we continue to embrace new methods of data capture to meet the expanding and evolving needs of our customers,” said Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Zebra.

The acquisition of Adaptive Vision was funded with cash on hand, though financial terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed.

Published: May 2021
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Machine vision, also known as computer vision or computer sight, refers to the technology that enables machines, typically computers, to interpret and understand visual information from the world, much like the human visual system. It involves the development and application of algorithms and systems that allow machines to acquire, process, analyze, and make decisions based on visual data. Key aspects of machine vision include: Image acquisition: Machine vision systems use various...
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