LEDs That Can Disinfect Water

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Crystal IS Inc., a developer of ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UVC LEDs), said it has demonstrated devices with record efficiency, power and lifetime at the optimal germicidal wavelength: 250 nm. According to published results, the company said that its energy-efficient LEDs have the performance necessary to replace widely used mercury-based disinfection lamps. The diodes are fabricated on a proprietary aluminum nitride substrate.

“Most workers in the field have used conventional substrates such as sapphire as the starting material and have struggled to produce commercially viable lifetime and power results," said Leo Schowalter, chief technology officer. "Today we are demonstrating that we have overcome many of those issues. Previous efforts to develop practical LEDs at this wavelength have proven to be very difficult.”

The UVC LEDs, with their low power requirements and small size, are suitable for use in water- and air-sterilization products. Initial applications will include residential and office point-of-use systems such as water coolers and countertop systems, providing clean technology alternatives to bottled water.

The technology road map also includes large-scale applications in industrial and municipal purification, where long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs are ideal replacements for existing mercury-based light sources, said the company.

“We are now moving into our next stage of evolution as we shift our focus from research orientation to technology improvement and commercialization,” said Dr. Steven Berger, CEO. “We are expanding our investor and partner base to take a prime position in this emerging market.”

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Published: July 2010
Sapphire can refer to either a gemstone or a specific type of crystalline material commonly used in various industrial applications. Gemstone: Natural sapphire: A natural sapphire is a precious gemstone belonging to the corundum mineral family. Corundum is an aluminum oxide mineral that, when it contains traces of chromium, iron, titanium, or other elements, exhibits a range of colors. Blue is the most traditional and prized color for sapphires, but they can also be found in various hues,...
That invisible region of the spectrum just beyond the violet end of the visible region. Wavelengths range from 1 to 400 nm.
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