ams partners with Face++

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PREMSTAETTEN, Austria — High-performance sensor solutions company ams AG has partnered with Face++, a leader in artificial intelligence software, for a cooperation agreement to accelerate the implementation of 3D optical sensing technologies, such as face recognition, facial payments, and augmented or virtual reality.

Face++ and ams create 3D optical sensing solutions that use IR light projectors to map the surface of objects, such as faces, to bring about changes in security and authentication functions. Enabling face recognition on mobile phones with 3D optical sensing allows for a secure alternative to unlocking functions, such as passcodes or fingerprint scanning.

Under the partnership, the two companies will ensure that the operation of both respective technologies are optimized for each other, and they will collaborate on customer service for product manufacturers.

Published: March 2019
virtual reality
Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment or experience that can be interacted with and explored by an individual using electronic devices, such as a headset with a display. VR aims to create a sense of presence, immersing users in a computer-generated world that can be entirely fictional or a replication of the real world. It often involves the use of specialized hardware and software to provide a fully immersive and interactive experience. ...
artificial intelligence
The ability of a machine to perform certain complex functions normally associated with human intelligence, such as judgment, pattern recognition, understanding, learning, planning, and problem solving.
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