mdGroup Acquires GeoCue Group

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ROME, N.Y., Jan. 17, 2022 — mdGroup, parent company of Microdrones, has acquired lidar-mapping technology company GeoCue Group from its founders for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition serves to strengthen mdGroup’s position within the drone surveying market.

“With this acquisition, we are positioned to respond to increasing demand for drone-enabled precision deliverables. This includes classified and colorized point clouds, volume calculation, and contour maps,” said Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil, CEO of mdGroup.

GeoCue joins Microdrones as a portfolio company of mdGroup focused on the aerial surveying industry. While the acquisition will not yield any visible change for customers of GeoCue or Microdrones in the near term, mdGroup said the acquisition will provide immediate benefits for both companies in terms of increasing collective expertise in aerial lidar technology, as well as expanding market reach.

“This further establishes mdGroup as the go-to provider of industrial-grade, high-quality, and Western-made aerial surveying equipment and software,” said Francois Gerner, CFO of mdGroup. “In the medium to long term, mdGroup expects customers of both companies to benefit from the outcome of GeoCue and Microdrones collaboration in the technical field.”

Published: January 2022
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