onsemi Acquires SWIR Vision Systems

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 3, 2024 — Image sensor technology company onsemi has completed the acquisition of SWIR Vision Systems, a provider of colloidal quantum-dot-based (CQD) short wave infrared technology. SWIR Vision Systems is now a wholly owned subsidiary of onsemi, with its team being integrated into onsemi’s Intelligent Sensing Group. The company will continue to operate in North Carolina.

SWIR Vision Systems’ CQD technology extends the visibility and detection of systems beyond the range of standard CMOS sensors into SWIR wavelengths. To date, the adoption of SWIR technology has been limited due to the high cost and manufacturing complexity of the traditional indium gallium arsenide (InGAas) process.

With this acquisition, onsemi will combine its silicon-based CMOS sensors and manufacturing expertise with the CQD technology to deliver highly integrated SWIR sensors at lower cost and higher volume. The result of this combination will be more compact, cost-effective imaging systems that offer extended spectrum and can be used in a wide array of commercial, industrial and defense applications.

onsemi expects the integration of SWIR Vision Systems’ technology with its CMOS sensor will significantly enhance the company’s intelligent sensing product portfolio and lead to future growth in industrial, automotive, and defense markets.

Published: July 2024
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