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CASTECH INC. - Fuzhou, China
CASTECH is a global leader in nonlinear optical crystals, laser crystals, precision optics, and laser components for laser applications, optical communications, biomedical VR/AR, and lidar. With ISO 9001 and IAFT 16949 quality management system, we consistently enable our customers from prototype to mass production stage.
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Fil-Tech Inc.
Fil-Tech Inc. - Boston, MA
Fil-Tech supplies electron beam gun and ion source replacement parts, sensor heads and feedthroughs, INFICON rate monitors and controllers and Quality Crystals in Gold and Stress Relieving Alloy for the thin-film industry. We stock FT704, hydrocarbon oils and Krytox oils and greases, and ionization, thermocouple, INFICON and InstruTech vacuum gauges.
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APC International Ltd. - Mackeyville, PA
Fairdeer Optical Co. - San Jose, CA
Isomet Corp. - Manassas, VA
MolTech GmbH - Berlin, Germany
Nanjing Crylink Photonics Co. Ltd. - Shanghai, China
Oxide Corp. - Hokuto, Japan
Sawyer Technical Materials LLC - Eastlake, OH
VoyaWave Optics Technology Co. Ltd. - Shenzhen, China
  • crystal A solid with a structure that exhibits a basically symmetrical and geometrical arrangement. A crystal may already possess this structure, or it may acquire it through mechanical means. More than 50 chemical substances are important to the optical...
  • crystal optics The study of the transmission of radiant energy through crystals, especially anisotropic crystals, and their effects on polarization.
  • diffraction As a wavefront of light passes by an opaque edge or through an opening, secondary weaker wavefronts are generated, apparently originating at that edge. These secondary wavefronts will interfere with the primary wavefront as well as with each other...
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