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Advanced Optics Inc.

MapPO Box 117
Pewaukee, WI 53072-0117
United States
Phone: +1 262-548-1155
Fax: +1 262-548-1153
For over 50 years, Advanced Optics has specialized in crafting high-quality precision optical components. Our extensive experience and dedication to delivering exceptional optics, customer service, and on-time delivery have positioned us as a prominent player in the industry and enabled us to expand our global presence.

Advanced Optics offers an extensive selection of optical mirrors and optical windows suitable for a wide range of precision and commercial applications. Our expertise extends to manufacturing optical flats, lenses, beamsplitters, and optical filters. We also maintain a vast inventory of glass substrates, allowing us to quickly create custom optics to meet your specific needs.

Whether you require a prototype or need production quantities, Advanced Optics can fulfill your needs. We guarantee timely delivery and offer flexible solutions to meet your specific requirements. We would like to hear about your project!

Optical Mirrors: Offering a full range of solutions for reflecting light to optimize performance in the UV-VIS-IR spectral regions.

optical mirrors from Advanced Optics• Fabricate optical mirrors from 1mm – 530mm
• Manufacture plane-parallel, wedged, or spherical mirrors
• Precision polish mirrors down to λ/20
• Provide Al, Au, Ag, dielectric, and custom coatings
Optical Windows: Various substrates and coatings designed to enhance performance in the UV-VIS-IR spectral regions.

optical windows from Advanced Optics• Precision polish down to λ/20
• Parallelism <2 arc seconds
• Generate round, square, and rectangular substrates in almost any configuration
• Provide MgF2, BBAR, and custom V-coats
Optical Filters: Our expertly crafted optical filters are designed to manage specific wavelengths of light.

optical filters from Advanced Optics• Colored glass filters that absorb specific wavelengths of light
• Dichroic filters designed to reflect specific wavelengths of light
• Neutral density filters that attenuate incident light equally
Optical Flats: Precision polished optical flats available from stock or customized to meet your requirements.

optical flats from Advanced Optics• Precision polished λ/4, λ/10, or λ/20
• NIST traceable
• Custom fabrication available, including custom steps, bevels, and holes
Optical Lenses: Specialize in creating custom optical lenses, including convex, concave, and meniscus lenses, tailored to your requirements.

optical lenses from Advanced Optics• Plano Convex Lenses
• Bi-convex Lenses
• Meniscus Lenses
• Plano Concave Lenses
• Bi-concave Lenses
• Convex Mirrors
• Concave Mirrors
Specialty Fabrication: Precision polished specialty substrates to meet your requirements in the UV-VIS-IR spectra.

specialty fabrication from Advanced Optics• High index glass
• Sapphire
• Calcium Fluoride
• Germanium
• Silicon

In addition to our extensive selection of in-stock optical mirrors, optical flats, and optical windows, Advanced Optics offers custom fabrication and free engineering services.

Our broad range of capabilities allow us to:custom optical components from Advanced Optics

• Fabricate custom sizes and shapes
• Design and supply custom coatings
• Achieve parallelism of < 2 arc seconds
• Manufacture concave and convex lenses
• Modify and resurface customer supplied materials
• Drill holes, notch glass, and provide beveled substrates
• Precision polish optics with non-standard aspect ratios
• Provide filters, filter glass, and high index glass materials
• Craft custom optical mirrors and windows from prototype to production

Let Advanced Optics be your trusted partner – You can depend on our 100% outgoing inspection, on-time delivery, and unmatched customer service at competitive prices.

Advanced Optics maintains an extensive stock of raw materials on-site to ensure we meet the needs of our customers in the fastest time possible.

Should you require a type of glass that we do not have in stock, we partner with numerous suppliers to ensure the timely delivery of your project. Our engineers are available to help you determine the best options for your specific requirements.

• Fused Silica
• Soda Lime Glass
• Quartz
• N-BK7®
• ClearCeram®Z
• ULE® Low Expansion Glass
• Viosil
Established: 1966
Employees: 7
Ownership type: Woman Owned Small Business
Wendy Heil, President
John Merritt, Manufacturing Manager

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