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Argon-Ion Lasers

An argon-ion laser is a gas laser capable of delivering several watts of laser energy in the blue-green region of the visible spectrum. It requires high-power input and a very high discharge current.

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LASOS Lasertechnik GmbH
LASOS Lasertechnik GmbH - Jena, Germany
Develops and manufactures solid-state and gas lasers in the UV-VIS spectrum with special focus on OEM applications in biophotonics, Raman spectroscopy, and holography.
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CBL Ceramics Ltd. - Milford Haven, United Kingdom
Lambda Photometrics Ltd. - Harpenden, United Kingdom
Laser Innovations - Santa Paula, CA
Laser Physics UK Ltd. - Cholmondeley, United Kingdom
Laser Support Services - Ovenstone, United Kingdom
Lexel Laser - Fremont, CA
Lumentum Operations LLC - San Jose, CA
Midwest Laser Products LLC - Frankfort, IL
Modu-Laser LLC - Centerville, UT
National Laser - Salt Lake City, UT
Sacher Lasertechnik GmbH - Marburg, Germany
Wafer Inspection Services Inc. - Duxbury, MA
  • argon-ion laser gas laser using ionized argon as the active medium and applying electronic excitation in order to produce the laser light
  • gas laser One of the first lasers to find practical application. Generally, the pumping mechanism is an electric discharge, although some high-power forms employ chemical reaction or gas compression and expansion to form population inversion. Vibrational...
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