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Electro Optical Components Inc.

Map5464 Skylane Blvd., Ste. D
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
United States
Phone: +1 707-568-1642
Fax: +1 707-568-1652
Toll-free: +1 855-362-6300
Electro Optical Components (EOC) provides Advanced Systems and Components including Detectors, Sources, and Signal Recovery Amplifiers from the UV to the far IR.
  • UV Photodetectors, UV APDs and UV Meters and Probes
  • IR Detectors – Thermopile, Pyroelectric, PbS & PbSe
  • Broadband IR Light Sources – Pulsed and Steady State
  • Mid IR LEDs & Photodiodes
  • Signal Recovery Very High Gain, Very Low Noise Amplifiers and Photoreceivers, and Lock-In Amplifiers
  • Gas Detection Systems and Components including NDIR, Electrochemical, TDLS Laser Modules
  • Photoionization (PID) for VOCs, X, Y & Gamma Detection
  • Laser Diode Modules for Medical & Industrial Applications
  • Spectroscopy Systems for Field, Industrial, Medical and Lab Applications
  • Reflective and Transmissive Spatial Light Modulators
  • Stock and Custom IR Filters, Optics and Coatings
  • Gold Coated Copper Mirrors for High Power Lasers
  • Custom Pockels cells / Q-Switches, Isolators, Polarizers
Electro Optical Components is ready to provide expert and knowledgeable application support to help you determine the best solutions and products for you. And we have been helping you for 25+ years.
Established: 1997
Employees: 5
Facility area (sq ft): 1300
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Bill Bolster, President

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