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Fiber Optic Cable TV Networks

The Photonics Buyers' Guide is a comprehensive resource for verified providers of Fiber Optic Cable TV Networks. Profiles and contact information for manufacturers and suppliers are provided by the companies and verified by our editors. If you have updated information about any of the organizations listed, please contact us.
  • local area network (LAN) Data communications network in a clearly defined geographical location, and extending no more than a few miles in length. It generally takes in an office building or group of buildings, a campus or the like, offering many nodes and connecting...
  • fiber optics The use of thin flexible glass or plastic fibers as wave guides - or "light pipes" - to channel light from one location to another. Fiber optics is based off of the principle of total internal reflection (TIR). Light enters the fiber at a particular...
  • optical communications The transmission and reception of information by optical devices and sensors.
  • metropolitan area network (MAN) A cable backbone used to interconnect local area networks at various sites (corporate offices and factories, for example) in a given region. Optical fiber is well-suited to the transmission of both data and voice over such a network.
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