Photonics Buyers' Guide / Fiber Optic Miniature Optics
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The Photonics Buyers' Guide is a comprehensive resource for verified providers of Fiber Optic Miniature Optics. Profiles and contact information for manufacturers and suppliers are provided by the companies and verified by our editors. If you have updated information about any of the organizations listed, please contact us.
  • optics Optics is the branch of physics that studies the behavior and properties of light, including its interactions with matter and its manifestation as both particle and wave phenomena. It encompasses the study of the generation, propagation,...
  • nano An SI prefix meaning one billionth (10-9). Nano can also be used to indicate the study of atoms, molecules and other structures and particles on the nanometer scale. Nano-optics (also referred to as nanophotonics), for example, is the study of how...
  • micro (µ) In the SI system, prefix meaning one-millionth, 10-6. Abbreviated µ.
  • micro-optics Tiny (less than 2 mm in diameter) lenses, beamsplitters and other optical components used, for example, in endoscopes or microscopes or to focus light from semiconductor lasers and optical fibers.
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